10th April 2014

EU to regulate civil drones

The European Commission stated on 8 April that it will take necessary action to set strict binding standards concerning unmanned aircrafts, the so-called drones. According to the Commission, the civilian drones are an emerging market and no regulatory framework exists, although they operate above our heads and can potentially collect data that can be considered of personal nature. Certain Member States already regulate the civilian drones, but the framework is fragmented. Today, drones are used for safety inspections of roads or railways, for pesticide spraying or for monitoring in cases of natural disasters. It is expected that drones will amount to 10% of the aviation market in 10-year time. The Commission will start consultations and analyses on the issue shortly which will probably lead to a legislative proposal. The aim of the framework will be to set binding security standards, safety certifications, data collection and protection standards, insurance rules and also support R&D in the field.

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