11th March 2016

EU voices call for better US engagement on TTIP

French minister for foreign trade Matthias Fekl criticized the US last week, saying that too few true counterproposals to EU proposals were received on the TTIP negotiations. This is mainly with regard to the sticking points – market access, geographical indications and ISDS. Both the EU and the US would like to see a deal in principle by the end of the year. The main issues should be resolved by this summer, according to the negotiation roadmap agreed by both parties. Fekl pointed out, though, that this would not be possible without increased efforts on the US side. Mainly ISDS seems problematic. The EU proposed a modernized version of investor-state arbitration, with publically-appointed judges. The US responded lukewarmly, but gave no counter-proposal, Fekl stated. And for France (and possibly other member states), TTIP without the new ISDS provisions will not be acceptable. In any case, the following months will be critical for the successful conclusion of the deal.

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Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic