22nd May 2016

Eurobarometer: Czech youth in 2016: Low motivation to study elsewhere in the EU

TNS opinion conducted a survey in the 28 EU member states at the request of the European Parliament, sample size being around 400 young people aged 16-30 (face-to-face interviews) in each member state. Questions and answers included:

Do you think that in the Czech Republic training, school and university education are well adapted to the current world of work? 66% of Czech respondents answered YES (Well adapted).

Do you want to study, undergo training or work in other EU country than the Czech Republic. 68% answered NO, 24% said YES.   

For you personally, what are the best ways to participate effectively in public life of the EU? 38% of Czech respondents answered “Voting in the European elections”. 

Online social networks: progress or a risk for democracy? 
63% of Czech respondents said social media represent progress for democracy, because they allow everyone to take part in public debate
28% of Czechs agreed with the statement that social media represent a risk for democracy, because of the inappropriate use that may be made of personal data 

Click here for more details. Read full version of the survey results (in English).

Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic