5th December 2016

European Commission proposes new VAT rules

On 1 December, the European Commission proposed new VAT rules, including:

- New rules allowing companies that sell goods online to deal easily with all their EU VAT obligations in one place;

- To simplify VAT rules for startups and micro-businesses selling online, VAT on cross-border sales under €10,000 will be handled domestically. SMEs will benefit from simpler procedures for cross-border sales of up to €100,000 to make life easier;

- Action against VAT fraud from outside the EU, which can distort the market and create unfair competition;

- To enable Member States to reduce VAT rates for e-publications such as e-books and online newspapers.

These legislative proposals will now be submitted to the European Parliament for consultation and to the Council for adoption.


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Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic