4th October 2012

European unemployment remains high

The euro area unemployment rate remained on its maximum in August 2012. Average percentage of unemployed in 17 countries with common currency was 11.4%. Compared to 2011 numbers, unemployment grew by 1.2 percentage points. In the EU27 unemployment rate was 10.5% in June 2012, compared to 9.7% in 2011.

As usual, the lowest unemployment rates were observed in Austria (4.5%), Luxembourg (5.2%), the Netherlands (5.3%), Germany (5.5%) and the highest in Spain (25.1%) and Greece (24.4% in June 2012).

In August 2012, youth unemployment reached a new peak. It was 22.8% in the euro area and 22.7% in the EU27. The lowest rates were measured in Germany (8.1%), the Netherlands (9.4%) and Austria (9.7%) and the highest in Greece (55.4% in June 2012) and Spain (52.9%).

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