14th August 2012

EU's industrial production in red numbers

Compared to May 2012, industrial production dropped by 0.6% in euro area and by 0.9% in the EU27. Industrial production fell annually by 2.1% in the euro area and by 2.2% in the EU27 compared to June 2011.

The biggest decline has been measured in the field of capital goods, followed by non-durable consumer goods and intermediate goods. From the national perspective, 16 countries’ production declined and in 5 countries it was on the rise. The biggest fall was seen in the United Kingdom (-2.5%), Poland (-2%) and Italy (-1.4%). The biggest increase was measured in Lithuania (18.6%) and Slovenia (2.9%).

Annually, the biggest drop was measured in the production of intermediate goods (-3.7% in the EU27). The highest decline has been recorded in Italy (-8.2%), Spain (-6.3%), the United Kingdom (-4.6%) and Portugal (-4.4%). Highest increase in production was measured in Ireland (9.5%).

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