10th April 2014

ČEZ cancelled the tender for the completion of Temelín

Parastatal Czech company ČEZ informed all contestants, MIR. 1200, Westinghouse and previously excluded Areva that it had cancelled tender for the completion of two new blocks of nuclear power plant Temelín which started in 2009. The reason for the decision is that the new government and newly elected chamber of deputies decided not to adopt the system of state guaranteed buyout prices of electricity for the electricity from Temelín power plant, those prices would have to be in between 90 and 100 Euro per KWh which is above current market prices of electricity. According to ČEZ Business and Strategy director Pavel Cyrani, building new blocks now without these guarantees would not be economically sensible and it would harm shareholders. However, it is possible that ČEZ could focus on renovating second Czech nuclear power plant Dukovany instead and on building additional reactor for it to be in operation in 2035 as Dukovany plant is expected to operate at least until 2035.

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