21st January 2013

Government: anti-corruption measures deliberated

At its last session on 16 January, the Government discussed the anti-corruption strategy for years 2013 and 2014. The core of strategy is to create a legal framework that should prevent from malpractice of corruption. Therefore, the Government intends to finish and pass the Act on Civil Servants (zákon o úřednících), which has come into force, but important provisions of the Act, stipulating more independence and impartiality of servants, are excluded. The Act on Civil Servants should ensure professionalism and openness of the state administration. Further, the Government aims at approving the Act on Interest Collision (zákon o střetu zájmů), the Act on Audit and Financial Control (zákon o finanční kontrole a auditu), and the Act on Prosecuting Attorney (zákon o státním zastupitelství). The Government also expects to proceed in clarifying the state’s property structure as well as stipulating clear rules for ownership of companies competing for public investments projects. 
For further information regarding the strategy, click here (press release) and here (governmental press conference). 
In this respect, the Government had previously passed the Act on Municipalities (zákon o obcích), stipulating personal responsibility of public officials at regional and municipal level (see Policy Pipeline report of 13 January). The Ministry of Justice has already announced that the Bill on Prosecuting Attorney is ready to be discussed at the government. 
Meanwhile, the Government did not approve the Act on Lobbying (zákon o lobbing). The Government explains the refusal by targeting at different solutions of lobbying regulation. 
The Government also approved a merger of the Ministry of Transportation and the Ministry of industry and Trade. The merger should spare the amount of 8.6 bln CZK. In fact, further aim of the merger is a more efficient public money spending.

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