20th May 2013

Government: Czech strategy of EU-membership

The Government released the Czech Strategy of the EU-membership (Strategie působení ČR v EU) that should have been prepared in accordance with the Governmental Program. The Government promotes the competitiveness of the European Union. The strategy stipulates the role of the Czech Republic within the EU. The strategy is also important as the European politics influences various domestic policy areas. The Government keeps constant stances on some of the European policies. It rather rejects the common supervision of financial markets and sector institutions. On the one hand, the Government definitely agrees with the fiscal responsibility as promoted by the EU, however, on the other hand, it rejects debts sharing. The Government emphasizes the common market and promotes any activities for its further extension, deepening, and finalization. Besides that, the Government also stresses the importance of harmonization of economic policy.
The Strategy has been discussed during several lectures in the past year. The Strategy also reflects resolutions of the Chamber of Deputies concerning the Czech stances on the EU-politics.
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Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic