27th September 2012

Government: Defense Strategy stipulating responsible financial management

The Government approved the Defense Strategy (obranná strategie) at its meeting on 26 September. According to the Strategy, the national strategy should be secured by cooperation of the state (armed forces) and citizenly level. Except for military defense, the Strategy emphasizes the goal-directed and responsible financial management of state, regional and municipal budgets. As disposable financial means are steadily running out, any further financial management of the public sector has to be spent effectively. Therefore, the side-effect of the Strategy is financial stability and predictability of state expenditures. The Strategy also declares necessary state spending on research and development as well as fostering regional cooperation (the EU, NATO, Visegrád Group). 
The Strategy has rather symbolic implications. However, at least, it should stipulate an effective process of state spending and civil service.

For further information regarding the Strategy, click here (sites of the Government); source: Defense Strategy.

Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic