8th January 2013

Government: economical incentives to be adopted

At its last session on 19 December, the Government approved the list of strategical measures that should help to promote an economical growth in the year to come. The list consists of several items of certain priority level. Primarily, the government promotes measure that should stimulate innovation, research, development and high-value added production, Czech export, and efficient use EU structural funds finance. Instantly and without any further financial means needed, the government aims at lowering the legislative burden as its highest priority. According to this measure, the government intends to amend the Public Produce Act in order to simplify the process of public infrastructure construction. Furthermore, the government expects to conduct audit of the state budget expenditure as the highest priority. According to this measure, the government also intends to adjust tax system in order to prevent tax evasions to the so-called tax paradises. This measures should be approved at the European level. The government emphasizes to balance incomes and expenditures of the state budget.
The measures have been discussed with trade unions and the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic.
For further information, click here (governmental site); the list of measures available here (Trade Union Association).

Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic