21st January 2014

Government proposed its own amendment of the Act on Civil Service

The Government passed an amendment to the Act on Civil Service (novela zákona o státní službě) at its last session on 15 January. The Government reflected the deputies’ initiative (the private members’ bill that is being discussed by the Chamber of Deputies in the first reading on 21 January; for further information, click here). In comparison to the previous private members’ amendment, the governmental amendment stipulates setting up of the General Secretary of the Civil Service that should involve employing and fostering of any civil servants. Autonomy of the General Secretary is stipulated (by appointing by the President). The Institute of Civil Servants’ Education is to emerge as life-long education of civil servants is one of the main principles of the amendment. The amendment regulates duties of civil servants (breaches of the duties are treated according to the Act; the actual state of affairs treated according to the Labor Code should be abandoned). The amendment also includes precautionary measures to avoid any financial damages for the state.

The Bill has been handed over to the Chamber of Deputies. The Government itself admits that any deputies’ amendments to the Bill may be proposed and discussed.

For further information, click here.

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