2nd November 2014

Government to support nuclear and coal energy

In his recent appearance in the television debate Minister of Industry and Commerce Jan Mládek said that the Czech Government didn’t want to take the way of gas power plants and renewable resources and was going to promote nuclear energy and energy of coal within its new energy concept. Minister Mládek further added that merit of debate is based on prices for consumers. Minister Mládek said that in the play were 6 basic variations of energy concept where Government didn’t want two of them. One is based “gas variant” based on going mainly to gas energy sources and the second one is called “extreme reductive” based on renewable sources which is deemed too expansive for the Czech Republic. Jan Mládek also said that the influence of EU Climate Package on prices of electricity is yet to be known as it could be in the form of either compensation payments or price increase for the final consumer.

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Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic