14th October 2012

Governmental legislative intent on prosecuting attorney

The Government approved a legislative intent of an amendment to the Bill on Prosecuting Attorney (zákon o státním zastupitelství). The Ministry of Justice intends to stipulate several necessary aspects of proper functioning of the prosecuting attorney in the Bill. Primarily, the intent aims at simplifying the structure of the attorney (instead of four levels three levels should emerge for clarity and transparency’s sake). The prosecuting attorney will gain some rights that would enable prosecutors to act independently (i.e. the prosecuting attorney might lead its own investigation and adopt measures that it assumes necessary). The Bill also defines precisely the process of officials employing and their career advancement. That should contribute to self-motivation of prosecutors. In addition to that, one of the aims of the Bill is to set up a specialized body of prosecuting attorney. The Office on Corruption Investigation should focus on fight with any corruption behavior expressions. The Ministry also expects setting up the Council of Prosecuting Attorney that should co-act in internal and organizational affairs to spread the rights to nominate or remove the prosecutor from the office between the Highest Prosecutor and the Council. 
The Ministry should set forth the wording of the Bill till March 2013.
For further information regarding the intent of the Bill, click here.

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