17th March 2014

Governmental stance to forthcoming European Council

The Government announce its stance that would be assumed at the forthcoming European Council summit (20-21 March, Brussels). Aspects that should be discussed at the summit include environmental policy and the EU stance towards it. Further, the European Commission associates the topic with the reconstruction of industry sector within the member states (for topics to be discussed, see the official agenda). The EC keeps its previous environmental policy goals to reduce greenhouse gas over 40 per cent in comparison to 1990. The EC stresses the necessity to enhance European industrial sector to 20 per cent of common-EU GDP.

The Czech Government emphasizes its willingness to join both topics together as the industrial sector still provides a key incentive to economic growth and employment. The Government put an emphasis on an economic recovery with a neutral policy-stance towards low-carbon dioxide technologies. In other words, the Government would prefer economic growth to burdens stemming from environmental policy (such as technology modernization). The Government also assumes and welcomes the EC goals strive to maintain the common energy market till the end of 2014. As a part of it, the Government welcomes any measures that would remove any market failure within the branch.

For further information on the Governmental stance, click here.

However, many economists object to the EC objective to increase the proportion of the industrial sector on EU GDP. The opponents of the EC goals claim that industrial sector is no longer viable to provide the basis for European economies. For public discussion on economic goals of the EC, click here.

Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic