11th June 2014

Index Ventures launches its new fund also aimed at Czech start-ups

Index Ventures, supra-national venture capital company, launches already its 10th fund having in total CZK 11 bn. This time the fund is aimed at European, US and Israeli start-ups in their early stages. Index Ventures is fro example interested in Czech IT projects as Czech IT graduates from Czech universities are highly valued not only for their start-up but also by bigger IT companies. Index Ventures for example already helped with the Czech very successful social start-up Socialbakers. This could serve as a proof of really successful start-up which managed to reform to larger company. On 10th June Socialbakers announced that they bought their US competitor EdgeRank Checker which is specialized on Facebook adverts analysis. Socialbakers incomes this year were in between USD 35-40 million. Current market value of this company is around USD 150-200 million. Experts argue that for Czech companies it may be the case that they are more expansion oriented than companies operating at slightly larger markets (Polish) that suffice them to stay there.

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