22nd February 2015

Institute for Nuclear Research began new promising project

According to the press conference held on Monday 16th February the Institute for Nuclear Research in Řež began in December 2014 new promising research of properties of fluoride salts that could become the coolant for the IV. generation of nuclear reactors because of their excellent properties. This research was made possible thanks also to the Agreement on cooperation signed between the Czech Minister of Industry and Commerce and US Minister of Energy. Also the material for this experiment in the form of container of pure fluoride salt was provided by the USA. Last week the Institute also presented results of its study of small modular reactors with the output of maximum 300 MW that could power cities and smaller regions instead of classical gas or coal power plants. Core supporters of this technology claim that it could be used already in the next decade. This study was done in cooperation of Institute of Nuclear Research in Řež and Nuclear and Engineering Faculty of ČVUT.

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