2nd June 2016

Liberální institut/CTK: Today is tax freedom day

In 2016, tax freedom day in the Czech Republic falls on 2 June, the best result since 2005, Liberální institut informed. The Eurozone tax freedom day falls on 26 June. As for the OECD average, tax freedom day was 29 May. 

According to the calculations by the Deloitte advisory, tax freedom day in the Czech Republic is 20 June.

Read details (in Czech).


Tax freedom day in 2016 in selected countries:

South Korea: 28 April

Switzerland: 5 May

Ireland: 8 May

USA: 20 May

Slovakia: 30 May

Germany: 11 June

Austria: 6 July

Finland: 2 August


Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic