22nd April 2016

MEPs´ tough stance on US visa waiver

On 20 April, MEPs held a discussion with an EC representative on the issue of visa waiver non-reciprocity by the US and Canada. On 12 April, the EC was required by EU law to take steps to enforce full reciprocity – the extreme step being temporary reintroduction of visa to Americans and Canadians. However, as this step would have dire economic and political implications, the EC decided to open 3-month-long debates with the EP and the Council to come up with a solution. The MEPs told the EC last Wednesday that such step was redundant and that the EU should have reintroduced visa to Americans and Canadians for not respecting reciprocity – as the EU law requires. The formal end of the current “discussions” is set for mid-July. After that date, the EC would probably be forced to take the necessary, though unpopular steps. The MEPs´ reaction indicates the tough stance of the EP with regard to the issue.

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Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic