25th April 2014

Minister of Industry and Trade: Export is the priority of our government

During his interview minister Jan Mládek of Ministry of Industry and trade said that export is the governmrnt’s priority in assuring sufficient amount of workplaces in the Czech Republic. In the interview minister Mládek emphasized that Czech Republic as a small open economy the Czech Republic is dependent on export goods and services with the highest possible added amount. In respect to 81 % of export going to partner EU countries minister announced with accordance to the export plan the export offensive to 12 priority countries and to 26 countries of interest. For the period until 2020 it was going to be for example Brasil, China, India, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Serbia, Turkey, the USA or Vietnam. He said that the strategy is based on three pillars: export intelligence, export development and support of business opportunities. He also pointed out that the role of state agencies CzechInvest and CzechTrade is crucial in this strategy and that he wanted these agencies to rank among the world’s best. Their close cooperation with other ministries in the field of economic diplomacy would also be vital.

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Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic