24th March 2014

Ministry of Education: Vocational Training year 2015

The Ministry of Education announced a tight cooperation with the Confederation of the Industry of the Czech Republic on promotion of vocational training. The aim of the cooperation is to improve the situation on the labor market where firms feel the lacks of technically trained manpower. According to estimation of the Confederation of Industry, nearly 70 per cent of firms report lack of the respective manpower. The cooperation seeks to improve the status of technical and manual skilled students. The Ministry of Education aims at increasing financial means that should be spent within the technical education sector. The vocational training should be organized by both schools as well as firms. The Ministry also strives for tax abatement for those firms that would take part in the program of vocational training. The Minister of Education Marcel Chládek announced that this highly-profiled issue has been a part of his ministerial program for a long time.

The OECD recommends some of the mentioned measures to the Czech Republic in its annual report (click here).

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Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic