5th May 2014

Ministry of Finance presented outline of the budget for 2015

Ministry of Finance created and presented outline of the future budget for the year 2015. According to it the greatest reduction of fund will be for Ministry of Agriculture that will receive CZK 6.8 bn less then there is Ministry of Interior with 3.1 bn less, Ministry of Transportation with 2.5 bn less and Ministry of Finance with 1.6 bn less. Only ministry that is to receive more is Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs that will have 18 bn more and its budget would rise up to the amount of CZK 537 bn. PM Sobotka and his ministers Marcel Chládek and Milan Chovanec are on the other hand advocating more money for the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Interior. After the criticism from the NATO budget for Ministry of Defence should raise as well. Total  deficit should amount up to 100 bn and total expenditures should be 1,126 bn, that is 15 bn higher than this year. The outline is still in discussion and it could change until the end of September when it is due to be accepted by government and sent to the Chamber of Deputies.

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