1st February 2018

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Govt to facilitate immigration of more qualified workers from abroad to Czech Republic

The so-called "regimes" have been created to facilitate targeted migration. 

The Government's current decision aims, among other things, to shorten the processing time of the application; apply fast track procedure, besides Ukrainians, also to qualified applicants from Mongolia and the Philippines, and increase capacity in the group of agricultural workers.

UKRAINE MODULE: the current annual quota is 9, 600 employee card applications, an increase by 10, 000 applications per year is proposed.

MODULE FOR OTHER COUNTRIES: for nationals of Mongolia and the Philippines; the proposal includes increased capacity of foreign offices (Embassy of the Czech Republic Ulan Bator (Mongolia) 1,000 applications per year, Embassy of the Czech Republic Manila (Philippines) 1,000 applications per year.)

AGRICULTURAL MODULE: On 21 August 2017, the Government of the Czech Republic approved Resolution No. 572,  allowing for immigration of 1,500 employees in agriculture from Ukraine per year.  

The total cost of these capacity-building measures is CZK 50 million per year. The revenues for the state budget amount to CZK 34 million, and after the proposed increase in the administrative fee, the state budget will receive CZK 68 million. In fact, the revenue will grow mainly due to higher number of workers and the related tax, health and social contributions to the state budget as well as due to the impact on GDP growth, the Government says.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs


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