13th January 2015

Mládek announces compromise proposal: lignite mining limits to be breached, villages are to remain

According to the latest variant solutions presented by the Minister of Industry and Commerce Jan Mládek the limits imposed on the mining of the lignite in 1991 will be most probably breached. Minister Jan Mládek presented this week two solutions that both include breach of the lignite mining limits and continuation of mining either in Bílina mine or in both Bílina mine and ČSA surface mine. In contradiction to mining companies requests to abandon the limits completely Minister Mládek decided that the villages affected by the vicinity of mines and by the mining works (Černice and Dolní Jiřetín) are going to remain virtually unaffected. The final decision and adoption of one of the two proposed solutions still depends on the outcomes of Jan Mládek’s negotiations with municipality and regional officials, with representatives of mining companies that are to take place in months to come and on the decision of the Government as a whole.

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