5th December 2014

Money from the Czech Republic to ESA is diminishing

Chief of the Czech Space Office Jan Kolář warned that the Czech cosmonautics was in danger of appreciable attenuation. According to his information the Czech Republic in past two years decreased its contributions to one half of its commitment of 20 million EUR from 2012. According to his opinion the Czech Republic lacks not only financing but also clear concept. That could be demonstrated for example by state’s vague differentiation of research and practical application. In present the Czech Republic is part of 13 programs but the Czech delegation to ESA didn’t get the mandate to broaden Czech involvement in the future and to take part in future projects. The Czech Republic is also not present in Moon and Mars projects. Jan Kolář criticizes the approach of the Ministry of Transportation which is responsible for financing of this area and argues that its short term perspective is okay for application programs but not for the general research that is essentially the investment to the future.

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