7th November 2014

New trends in tourism

According to the Survey of tourism Institute the generation of so called “baby boomers” is gradually playing more significant role in demand for tourism services as they now belong to the group of 60+ tourists. These tourists’ demands rely more on quality of services rather than on excitement during their travels. They usually tned to be less satisfied and demand more value for their money. Nowadays every fourth European and every fifth American is 60+. Although these tourists tend to travel more within their home country, they tend to spend more than 4 days on travels and spend approx. 360 EUR during each journey. Europe is also popular destination for American seniors with the respect to its clean environment, wide range of cultural events and its rich history. As for the tourism in the Czech Republic for third quarter of the year 2014 in general the number of tourists grew by 4.2 % to 2.6 million according to the Czech Statistical Office. Also the number of night grew in year-on-year comparison by 1.7 % and exceeded 7 million nights. As for the structure the amount of Chinese tourists grew by 22 %, of South Korean by 20 % and on the contrary the amount of Ukrainian and Russian tourists fell by 18 % and 9 % respectively. Director General of the CzechTourism Agency said that the decrease in number of Russian tourists is not as bad as expected being influenced by CzechTourism marketing activities at the Russian market.

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