2nd May 2016

New Union Customs Code comes into force

On 1st May, the new European Union´s Customs Code came into force. It replaces the original one adopted in 1992 and streamlines and modernizes customs procedures in the Customs Union. Customs procedures will become fully paperless by 2020 – to this end, work on the needed safe and reliable IT systems is ongoing. The period 2016-2019 is transitory. The new customs code also strengthens the protection of consumers by introducing additional safeguards against fakes or hazardous goods entering the EU. Since customs authorities of all participating states need to function as one, the new Union Customs Code facilitates their communication via appropriate IT systems.

However, as Euroskop.cz reported, the steps can have negative consequences on importers. Practically every customs procedure will need to be accompanied by a payment of a considerable deposit. On the other hand, the processes may be quicker under the new Code and in general, the customs procedures were simplified. Also, companies with an Authorized Economic Operator certification will be allowed to carry out certain customs procedures themselves, such as calculation of customs duties or certain types of controls.

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