1st December 2013

Newly elected Chamber of Deputies has passed legal measures

At its first session on 27 November, the newly elected Chamber of Deputies discussed legal measures that had been proposed by the Government and were passed by the Senate. There were several measures that were proposed with regard to the New Civil Code that is about to come into force in January, 2014. One of the legal measures that the Chamber of Deputies passed deals with the system of taxation (zákon o změně daňových zákonů). The Government proposed amendments that keeps the unchanged level of dividend revenue tax (15 per cent) and postpones the tax exemption for natural persons’ tax revenue till January, 2015. With regard to taxation, the Government also kept the state of affairs that levied paying of tax on real estate transfers on the seller of the respective real estate. By approving the measures, the Chamber of Deputies rejected last political goals of the previous government. Further, the implementation of the New Civil Code and coming into force in January, 2014 may continue.

Deputies of parliamentary party groups, that formed previous government, opposed to the amendment of the Act on Taxation. They claimed that the Government had not included accelerated write-offs. According to the previous Government, such measure would boost economic recovery and was negotiated by the tripartite.

The Chamber of Deputies also passed the legal measurement that amends the Act on Public Procurement (zákon o veřejných zakázkách). The principal aim of the amendment resides in keeping the current price level of public procurements that ought to be treated according to the Act.

Deputies also elected a new Speaker of the Chamber – Jan Hamáček (member of Czech Social Democratic Party (ČSSD)).

Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic