26th February 2016

No “TTIP Lite” in sight, negotiators say

The US TTIP negotiator stressed that both parties want to have the negotiated agreement on the table before the end of 2016, shortly before the end of the Obama presidency. For this to happen, negotiations will need to speed up. Some hinted that the most controversial points could be excluded from the deal altogether to allow for its speedy conclusion – a TTIP Lite. The negotiators refused this. As the 12th round of talks began in Brussels last week, both parties were ready to speed up negotiations, without leaving out the most contentious points. POLITICO made a list of the 5 most problematic areas. They include investment protection (ISDS), regulatory cooperation (mainly EU´s precautionary principle), opening of US public procurement market, financial services and geographical indications (such as Feta cheese). The negotiators presented an ambitious goal to have all the major problems discussed by the end of this round, in order to pursue negotiations afterwards, with the aim of having the in-principle-negotiated deal on the table by the end of July. Afterwards, legal and linguistic processing could prepare the deal for conclusion before the end of 2016.

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