19th April 2010

Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia to share extra € 1 Billion from Structural Funds in 2011-2013

Poland will receive an extra € 633 million, the Czech Republic € 237 million and Slovakia € 138 million in structural funds. The top-up is a direct consequence of stronger economic growth than forecast in these countries. The Interinstitutional Agreement on the 2007-2013 financial framework between Parliament, Council and Commission foresaw automatic adjustments for countries whose GDP had varied by more than 5% cumulatively over 2007-2009 compared to the forecasts when drawing up the framework. The economic growth of Poland over that period was 8% higher than forecast, whereas Slovakia's and the Czech Republic's were respectively 10.8% and 7.5% higher than expected. [more]

Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic