30th July 2014

Prague, beer, ice hockey, Baťa

According to the Czechtourism survey on the segmentation of market of chosen strategic countries the Czech Republic has a big potential in incoming tourism from the destinations outside Europe. In total 14 states in 5 various areas (Scandinavia, Near/Middle East, Middle Asia, Latin America and Southeast Asia) were included. The tourists were then classified to three distinct categories as “Relaxed” who seek relaxation, sightseeing and nature, “Demanding” who seek stylish places with perfect service, social events, sightseeing and possibility of spa relaxation and “The Young and the Restless” who demand fun and adventure along with various parties and cultural events or adrenaline sports. Prague itself is often recognized as the last western city but some of the tourist don’t directly connect it with the Czech Republic. Also Czech beer, ice hockey or formerly also shoes are tied to the Czech Republic. Of the above three groups the Czech Republic attracts “Relaxed” the most especially from Scandinavia or Taiwan along with the “Demanding” mainly from Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia or UAE. It is also not very attractive for “The Young and the Restless” who consider it way too quiet and staid.

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