25th February 2016

Prague deputies reject partnership agreement with Beijing and pass it 3 days later

On February 22, Prague deputies did not agree with the text of a partnership agreement between Prague and Beijing and rejected it in their vote yesterday. The partnership agreement was a Chinese initiative, e15.cz wrote. The agreement included cooperation between the capital cities in the areas of trade, tourism, culture, education, health care, transport and services for citizens. The text of the agreement explicitly mentioned the requirement of acceptance of the one-China policy - the matter of dispute. On February 25, deputies voted again and passed the sister-city agreement. Read details (in Czech).

Read also an article by Radio Praha Taiwan protests against sister agreement between Prague and Beijing. Read a commentary by lawyer and university lecturer Aleš Rozehnal for the Hlidacipes.org server (in Czech) and a commentary by the ceskesouvislosti.cz server (in Czech).

The capital Prague has a number of partners worldwide, including Brussels (Belgium), Canton, Taipei (China), Paris (France), Kyoto (Japan), Seoul (South Korea), Hamburg, Frankfurt, Nurnberg, Berlin (Germany), Moscow, Sankt Petersburg (Russian Federation), Chicago, Miami-Dade County, Phoenix (USA).


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