4th November 2015

Prague Post/Radio Zet: Commercial use of drones on the rise in Czech Republic

The number of drones used commercially by both state institutions and private firms in the Czech Republic has been rising and it has tripled since last year, Czech Civil Aviation Authority (ÚCL) spokesman Vítězslav Hezký has told the Czech News Agency, Prague Post informed. Drones help check electricity pylons, they uncover defects in the construction of new roads and soon they will also help the police and firefighters in their actions...Problems with approval are the major obstacle to an efficient use of drones. A particular permit is needed for every use, which actually prevents their deployment ad hoc...So far drones have been most often used commercially for photographing or shooting advertisements and commercials..Read more in Czech in an article on the Radio Zet server.

Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic