8th April 2014

Prague ranked 5th best tourist destination

In the Tripadvisor.com ladder of the top 25 tourist destinations of the world Prague ranked 5th. This is a major improvement in comparison to 2008 with 12th place or to previous year with 9th place. This year Prague was defeated only by Istanbul, Rome, London and Beijing. On the contrary Prague left behind such cities as Paris, New York, Florence, Buenos Aires or Dubai. Prague is highly appreciated for its combination of beautiful architecture and atmosphere with plenty of shopping opportunities and favorable Czech crown exchange rate (especially for American tourists). Prague also placed 4th among European cities with only Istanbul, Rome and London ahead. This Tripadvisor ranking is so important because it is made of more than 100 million monthly tourist reviews and the website is visited by more than 200 million people monthly. This website surveys thus belong to the most watched in its domain.

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