3rd July 2017

Prague.tv: Border checks to start with Germany, the controls will remain in place until July 11

Border checks are being reinstated between the Czech Republic and Germany and between Poland and Germany ahead of the July 7–8 meeting of the G20 in Hamburg. German police will start checks on the A4 highway from Poland and on the A17 highway from the Czech Republic. These are part of increased security at all land, sea and air entry points to Germany, Prague.tv writes.

In the Czech Republic, the A17 connects to the D8 at the border. The D8 goes to Ústí nad Labem and Prague. Increased checks are also expected on trains from Prague to Dresden. The controls will remain in place until July 11.

The checks will be random and the German police do not want to give too many specific details, as this would weaken the security, but they say the police will be flexible and adapt to existing conditions.

Driving speed will be reduced to 40 km/hour so police can see the driver and passengers in cars. Traffic entering Germany will be reduced to one lane. 

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