5th June 2017

Prague.tv: Prague makes Airbnb top 10

Prague is among the top 10 destinations this summer in terms of Airbnb bookings, according to a press release from the company. The Golden City was ninth, with London and Paris taking the top two spots. Eight of the top 10 were in Europe, while the other two were in Japan. The ranking were based on bookings for Memorial Day weekend, which is the last Monday in May. The weekend is seen as the start of the summer holiday season and an indicator of summer trends.

Prague was ahead of 10th placed Amsterdam, but will have to try a bit harder to beat Lisbon.

While bookings in Prague were reportedly up, the city was not in the top 10 for growth. That list was led by Havana, Cuba, up 940 percent from the previous year. La Ciotat, France, saw a rise of 675 percent. Cuba recently opened up to travel from the US, so the growth was not unexpected.

Prague, though, has been looking at ways to regulate services such as Airnbn. Amsterdam, for example, now limits the short-term rental on a flat to 60 days in one year.

Neighbors of flats bought just to be rented out have been complaining about the noise and also the excess use of water, as people often crowd into a flat meant for a smaller number of people. Most apartment buildings pay collectively for water use. Neighbors have also been concerned about building security and theft. 

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