13th January 2022

Program Statement of the New Czech Government - Focus on Research

In the program statement published on January 7, 2022, the government of Petr Fiala set eleven main priorities: 1) the stabilization of public finances, 2) the Czech Republic's orientation towards the European Union and NATO, 3) pension reform, 4) education, 5) free market support, 6) environmental protection, 7) housing support, 8) digitization of public administration, 9) support of research, 10) a modern, lean and flexible state administration and 11) the improvement of the country's political culture and government accountability.

The Government Program part on Science, Research and Innovation is based on five pillars, focusing on Modern, Coordinated and Transparent Management System, Human Resources, R&D Funding, Technology Transfer and Science and Research Publicity.

"Scientific knowledge, as well as research and innovation activities, are a prerequisite for building a higher value-added economy, for the cultural and spiritual development of society, as well as for the overall modernization of public administration and the implementation of data-based public policies. They are also a prerequisite for successful and sustainable solutions to current societal challenges and for the ability to respond adequately and flexibly to emerging megatrends, including digital and green transition.

The Czech Republic must have the ambition to become one of the European leaders in the field of excellence, science, research and innovation, in the whole spectrum of fields." 


Total Czech R&D expenditures reached 1.99% of GDP in 2020. "Science, research, development and innovation are among key investments into the future of our country. The prosperity and competitiveness of the Czech Republic, the quality of life, but also a resilient society go hand in hand with the support of science and research. That is why we have made this area one of the government's priorities," said Helena Langšádlová, Minister for research, development and innovation in the new Government of Petr Fiala.



Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic