12th January 2017

Radio Praha: Czech arms industry exports up for fourth straight year

Although the official numbers will only be released by the Ministry of Industry and Trade in several months’ time, all indications are that 2016 was a very good year for the Czech arms industry. The financial daily E15 reported that exports will now have gone up for four years straight, in part influenced by the sale and lease of Czech L-159 fighter jets. Jan Velinger of Radio Praha spoke to Jiří Hynek, the head of the Defense and Security Association of the Czech Republic, asking him about the industry’s export profile.

"One factor which is an opportunity for us is the security situation around the world. Security is rapidly falling and that offers our firms the chance to respond. Many people are afraid of enemies, of terrorism, and so on. That said, we cannot achieve good export results without good quality, good reputation and lots of hard work leading to good products,” Mr. Hynek says.

"...I believe that the combination of well-built products combined with a good price make us attractive for the US market,” he adds.

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