14th July 2017

Radio Praha: Czech test finds inconsistent levels of product quality in different states

A test of 21 products sold in different European states conducted by scientists in Prague has found that despite all having similar packaging only three had the same composition. The research comes against a backdrop of widespread perceptions that multinational companies deliver inferior products, in particular foods, to consumers in the former Eastern Bloc, Radio Praha writes.

Prague’s University of Chemistry and Technology carried out a test of 21 mainly food products sold in Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic. 

The study was commissioned by the Czech Ministry of Agriculture at a cost of CZK 500,000 and the results were made public on Tuesday. 

Despite the 21 products coming in very similar packaging, only three of them had the same composition. Five were judged to be only slightly different but the remaining 13 were deemed completely different. 

Jana Pivoňka of the University of Chemistry and Technology said the test did not prove that higher quality products were sold in particular states in general terms. 

But, Mr. Pivoňka said, there is evidence that producers are favouring consumers in Germany and Austria with regard to the composition of certain products. 

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