12th December 2016

Radio Zet: Czech Rep sets aside 800 mil CZK per year for incentives for foreign film makers, gets CZK billions in return

The Czech Republic sets aside incentives worth 800 mil. CZK per year to attract film makers from abroad. In return, film makers coming from abroad generated production costs of around 4bn CZK in the past years, compared with 900 mil. CZK in 2009, Czech film comission Head Ludmila Claussova says in an interview for Radio Zet.

In addition, film makers and production teams go to restaurants, visit cultural events and places all over the country. Currently, three foreign productions, 10-part historical series (Britania, Nightfall, Genius, which means 331 days of shooting and 2.7bn CZK in costs) are being produced in the Czech Republic, among others.  


Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic