31st January 2013

Senate: Act on the Supreme Audit Office refusal

The Senate refused the governmental proposal of the Act on the Supreme Audit Office (zákon o Nejvyšším kontrolním úřadu) on 30 January. The Bill extends the array of activities the Supreme Audit Office is allowed to conduct. Among other activities, the Office would be given the possibility to control economic activities of regions and municipalities. The aim of the Bill is to strengthen the position of the Office. However, rights and duties of the Office are based in the Constitution; the Senate did not approved the constitutional amendment that would enable the extension of the Office’s rights.
The Senate also approved the resolution appealing to the Government to revise the Bill on the Supreme Audit Office and analyze the extension of the Office’s rights and duties.
For further information regarding the Bill, click here (explanatory report of the Bill); for discussion of the Bill on the floor of the Senate, click here.

Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic