25th April 2012

Senate: amendments to Entrepreneurship Act passed

At its meeting on April 25, the Senate passed the governmental amendment of the Entrepreneurship Act that was proposed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. The intent of the Bill is to lower the burden of the entrepreneurs connected with the administration of business. The Bill stipulates three precise measures that should be deleted from the Act: an obligation of business premises number indication; an integration of any administrative action into the common central registration system (CRM); an announcement of the addresses change in case it is identical with the domicile. Entrepreneurs would not have to indicate any additional identification numbers of their other premises and make use of the numbers in communication with public administration in the future. Entrepreneurs are also allowed to communicate with public administration via CRM in any cases.
The Ministry has also made the wording of the Bill more concise to make the Bill clear and enabling easier set-ups of an entrepreneurship. The Bill is now put forward to the president to sign it; according to the date of signature, the Act will come into force in a next month afterwards. For further information regarding the Bill, click here.
Source: explanatory report of the Bill (available at the Chamber of Deputies).

Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic