26th August 2013

Senate: Bill on Whistleblowing to be revised

The Senate rejected a private members Bill on Whistleblowing (zákon na ochranu oznamovatelů jednání proti veřejnému zájmu). The Bill states that the current legal state is imperfect. The Bill stipulates that a whistleblower should be legally protected even in the case of announcement not only economic criminal offence. The Bill also enlarges the protection period and measures that the public authorities may employ to protect the whistleblower (the Bill consider also the public ombudsman to protect whistleblowers by its resolution; the employment of the whistleblower cannot be terminated).
The Senators primarily objected to the Bill that a mechanism against false accusation is missing. The Senate put the Bill back to proposers to incorporate comments of the Senate. 
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Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic