26th August 2013

Senate passed a Bill simplifying students’ benefits

The Senate discussed some Bills that the Chamber of Deputies passed before its dissolution. The Senate passed the Bill on Social Support (zákon o sociální podpoře). The Bill broadens the array of study programs that are recognized as full-time study. Doing this, the Bill enables students of these study programs to receive students’ benefits stemming from the state social support strategy. The Bill also simplifies the process of further vocational education and language education (with the aim to improve language equipment of employees as it is demanded at the labor market).
For further information, click here (explanatory report). 
On the contrary, the Senate declined the Bill on Municipal Fees (zákon o místních poplatcích). The Bill should regulate the process of fees on municipal level. The Bill should remove the current malpractice when organizing events in public space. The discussion in the Senate mentioned an excessive autonomy of municipalities in levying further fees and tolls. Further, senators criticized the concept of tolls in city centers for their “trendiness”.

Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic