26th August 2013

Senate: previous criticism of proposed Bills

Senators raised their criticism towards the Bill on Support of Renewable Sources of Energy. Senators emphasized that the Bill stipulates the duty to pay fees for electricity production even for the home-owners of energy-producing devices. That would mean that owners of energy-producing devices would have to pay fees to the state budget for their self-consumption.

Further, the senators criticized the Bill on Change of the Taxation System with regards to the New Civil Code (zákon o změně daňových zákonů). The Bill abolished the taxation of dividends. Owners of dividends should not be levied tax on dividend income. The tax duty rests on investments funds and corporations. Critics of the Bill raised an objection that the tax is levied only to corporations. Social Democrats announced that they would pass the Bill, even though they do not agree with provisions of dividends tax. However, the government has already announced that it would propose an amendment that would abolished the provision canceling the dividend tax. Such amendment would have to pass the Senate; after election, the Chamber of Deputies should approve the amendment.

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For further information on the Bill, click here (explanatory report).

Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic