22nd October 2012

Senate's Committee discussion and plenary session of the Chamber of Deputies

The Committee on Regional Development, Public Service and Environment discussed a governmental proposal of an amendment to the Act on Budget Rules (zákon o rozpočtových pravidlech) on 17 October. The Committee has raised some comments clarifying the role of the Czech National Bank in the process of keeping financial records of public authorities. The Committee also recommended to the floor of the Senate to decline the Bill. In that case, the Bill would head back to the Chamber of Deputies to confirm the previous version of the Bill or accept comments raised by the Committee. 
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The Committee also discussed a governmental proposal of an amendment to the Act on Expropriation (zákon o vyvlastnění). The Committee approved the version of the Bill put forward by the Chamber of Deputies. The Senate will discuss both Bills on its next plenary session that starts on 24 October.

On 23 October, the plenary session of the Chamber of Deputies starts. The Chamber will discuss primarily the governmental proposal of public debt stabilization according to which VAT should increase over a per cent in next three years. However, the proposal raised discontent among Deputies of governmental parties. The Government asked for vote of confidence to be discussed along with the proposal. The Chamber will also discuss the state budget draft for 2013 as well as the governmental proposal of the Bill on the High Control Office (zákon o Nejvyšším kontrolním úřadu) in the second reading.

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