14th September 2013

Syria and Egypt – how to restore peace in troubld region?

Two resolutions concerning situation in the Mediterranean region were passed during the EP´s Plenary Session in Strasbourg last week. First one discussed the situation in Egypt, whereas the second was focused on the situation in Syria.

In the first one, the MEPs strongly condemned all acts of violence, terrorism and incitement in Egypt and called for an end to the state of emergency and encouraged an inclusive political process towards restoring democracy through open discussion with opposition and releasing all political prisoners.

The second resolution adopted on Thursady concerned itself with an all-important topic of Syrian conflict. MEPs strongly condemned the mass killings of civilians with chemical weapons and called for a strong and united action against the regime of Bashar Assad. They also expressed their support for the proposal to hand Syrian chemical weapons to international community. However, they did not adopt any common stance for the case of military intervention in Syria led by the United States.

For more information on Egypt, click here. For more information on Syria, click here.

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