16th August 2014

The ban on smoking would not affect e-cigarettes

According to the Minister of Healthcare Svatopluk Němeček who will push the act on ban on cigarettes through the legislation process the ban of smoking in restaurants, bars and discos would not affect so called e-cigarettes. Meanwhile World Health Organization (WHO) wanted to regulate also the e-cigarettes as they don’t create so many toxic fumes but still create addiction and could easily become the entry-level drug for the children. Also US airline companies are among vocal opponents of e-cigarettes as they don’t allow their use on board. However, the number of smoking US high school students is at its 22year low and the share of e-cigarettes in it is growing in favour of classical ones. Also one of the Czech foremost experts on smoking said that smoking e-cigarettes was still better alternative for the addicted people who simply couldn’t stop so easily.

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Members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic