6th January 2015

The support of renewable resources will exceed 1 trillion CZK by the year 2030

According to the estimates of Supreme Audit Office of the Czech Republic the total costs of renewable resources will exceed 1 trillion CZK by the year 2030 that is comparable to annual income of the Budget of the Czech Republic. In the area of renewable resources the state supports electric energy production from biomass, wind, water, solar energy and from biogas. According to available data only in the period of 2011-2014 the costs were nearly 157 bn CZK. Most expansive of these renewable resources was the solar energy where the total support amounted up to 66 % of total 44 bn CZK while the energy from these power plants made only 22 % of all renewable resources thus being the most expansive one. What’s more, these costs could be even higher as the Ministry of Industry and Transportation doesn’t track the amount of tax relief provided to the solar plant owners. The support of solar power plant was also the object of investigation of the European Commission as it was stated that the conditions for the domestic solar power plant owners according to the act that came into force in 2013 presented their advantage in relation to foreign producers and European Commission stated in its regulation that also importers from EU must be eligible for the support. This compensation is expected to amount to 2.5 bn CZK solely for the year 2014.

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