15th May 2015

The UK Chancellor to negotiate with Brussels on Treaty reform

The UK Prime Minister David Cameron announced that his finance minister (formally the Chancellor of the Exchequer) will lead the talks with Brussels and EU partners to renegotiate the Treaties. Cameron promised an in-out referendum no later than 2017 and announced at multiple occasions that he intends to hold to that promise. Before the referendum, though, Cameron intends to try to renegotiate the UK´s relationship with the EU – mainly concerning intra-EU migration and associated welfare benefits, stronger say of national governments and parliaments, better position of the City or cutting red tape. The reactions in the EU are mixed. Jean-Claude Juncker said he would welcome any propositions for changes, the German finance minister said that Treaty revision is necessary, but would be problematic. On the other hand, the French foreign minister denounced any “so-called renegotiation”. Many experts agree that the UK is better off inside the EU and point out that the Prime Minister is playing a dangerous game with possibly unintended consequences. In any case, the following months are going to be key for UK´s position on the EU issue.

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